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    “Yoga with Shyama is fun !” ~ Heather Sewell,

    from the rooftop of a casita in Perula, Mexico


    “Shyama is an exceptional yoga instructor. Her versatility gives her the gift to teach students at all levels of practice. She is very detailed, insightful and clear in her teaching method. If you need clarity, focus, or opening in any area of your life, you will want to experience yoga with Shyama. I am very grateful for her classes as I walk away ready to embrace my day.”
    Kellyna Campbell,
    Author / Int’l Workshop Leader

    “Shyama works from a place of real intention and informed yoga teaching/practice.  Attentive to the alignment and detail of the poses like in Iyengar and Anusara, and not at all wussy – it isn’t really a fast paced class, but the poses are held longer. It feels very grounding and female and difficult all at the same time. I highly recommend her.”
    Ali, Healdsburg, CA

    “Taking yoga classes with Shyama is, for me, a very joyful and uplifting experience. She is a true yogini who is living her truth each day, and this she imparts beautifully with her warmth, patience, wisdom and knowledge to those she encounters. I feel my body is safe in her class. She notices so much about her students on their journey of self-awareness. I enjoy discovering the wide spectrum of yoga Shyama is devoted to. Shyama chants, she invokes serenity, she laughs, she watches, she listens, she meditates, she loves, she is.”
    Suzi Redlich, Sebastopol, CA

    “Because of a car accident I had to take a long break from yoga, but with Shyama’s help I was able to modify and begin my practice again! What a joy to be back on the mat, nurtured and guided by such an inspiring and meticulous teacher!”
    Jane Bell
    Healer, Flower Essences, Sebastopol, CA

    “After studying and practicing yoga for twenty years with a number of wonderful teachers, I feel blessed to have recently crossed paths with Shyama. She is an unusually gifted teacher who combines deep knowledge and understanding of Anusara Yoga with the ability to give guided instruction that allows a student at any level to deepen the experience of yoga.  At the same time she creates a spirit of contemplative serenity in the room that immediately gives the practice and refinement of the pose sequences added dimension and meaning. She’s warm-hearted and generous – what more can I say?  I’m delighted and blessed to have found her as a teacher.”
    Lin Max, Artist, Santa Rosa, CA

    “I would not love yoga as much as I do if it were not for my classes with Shyama at the very beginning. We started with basics and she taught me exactly where to put my hands, feet and body.  We spent a lot of time on the specifics of each pose and the small, vital details that build a foundation.  Much later I saw how incredibly rare it was to have that kind of attention and teaching.  Along with this she introduced me to the more spiritual levels in yoga which slowly over time deepened my practice and helped me look forward to it.
    Four years later I have a better understanding of yoga with which to evaluate not only the competence but the heart of a teacher. I look back and say how exceptional Shyama is as a teacher. Now I drive one hour for her gifts and skills as a teacher and a yoga practitioner, and for her heart and soul which she is so ready to share with others.”

    Elisabeth Hodges, Fairfax, CA

    “I taught an eclectic style of yoga for 25 years in Ventura County, CA. My main training was in Iyengar and Kripalu, with exposure to just about everything else.  I was so pleased to find Shyama when I moved to Sonoma County. She has a deep understanding of the wisdom of the body, and communicates with compassion and intelligence.”
    Erin Sheffield, Sebastopol, CA

    “I realized a little while ago that I have completely neglected to tell you a few things:  You are a great Yoga Teacher.  I was inspired last week by your body wisdom and your very grounded energy, the grace of your presence and especially your singing.”
    Martin Simonfy, Contractor, Sebastopol, CA

    “Shyama has a good sense of humor. Her loving, peaceful tone is welcoming to all students.  Her presence allows for her students to work right where they are, and challenge themselves from there.  I cherish her leadership.”
    Laurel Green
    Competitive Cyclist and School Teacher, Sebastopol, CA

    “Shyama is an amazing teacher!  She has a deep knowledge of anatomy, alignment, postures and philosophy.  She shares this with her students in a way that is informative of the mind as well as the body without being dry and repetitive.  Her classes are interesting, challenging and fun.”
    Dawn Justice
    Photographer, Santa Rosa

    “I attribute my new found understanding and appreciation of Yoga to Shyama’s teachings.  Her style of communication is dynamic and specific to each of her students, a skill I find to be very unique to her.  My mind and body continue to be strengthened with every class I take.”
    Jason, Santa Rosa, CA

    “Shyama is a superb and inspiring yoga teacher. I have found her attention to detail and precision to be extremely helpful; her explanations and demonstrations have great clarity… and, she brings an understanding generosity of spirit to the work that makes her classes a delight, while  wonderful results are being realized…”
    Mark Bauman, Santa Rosa, CA

    “In Shyama’s classes I gain a deeper sense and understanding of the intricate workings of my body. Her guidance enables me many times to free a pose from the limitations of my body and find freedom in that pose, a very satisfying experience!”
    Pamela Wirth, C.M.T., Sebastopol, CA