• Hello. Life’s been good to me. Life’s been difficult in recent years. Today I begin a’new. I am wanting stillness, peace, and a quiet mind. I want to be quiet, sensitive and impeccable. May desperation fuel my blessed success.
    Swaha ~ Sanskrit meaning ‘I throw myself into the sacred fire that purifies the human dilemma so that we can know and be the Love and the Light that is our birthright.
    If you want to join me in beginning a’new, I welcome you with outstretched arms full of love and support.
    Conversation with Nepalese FriendSCGA5









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  • August 12, 2015 /  LIFE, YOGA

    The more serious days of my Retreat have come to a close. I’ve had a glorious four weeks. I had several mandates that were so helpful I want to share them. #5 is perhaps the most important.

    1   NURTURE: read, rest when tired, exercise, eat well, take baths, swim, do what I want, don’t do what I don’t want to do just because I think I should or need to (my house got pretty messy at one point!)

    2   LISTEN: remain quiet (in mind) while listening, watch out for narcissistic temptations to interrupt and don’t, unless I need to.

    3   SPEAK MINIMALLY, CAREFULLY & SIMPLY: no social plans & minimal conversations.

    4   PACE: keep it slow and steady, all the time. Includes things like driving, speaking, planning ahead to eliminate need to rush, exercise, no time commitments when not necessary, etc.

    5   MIND: Do not respond to my mind’s many firings of thought, idea, and impulse. Ideally, do not respond ever to such things. Rather, make choices to act from a deeper place where impulses naturally contain heart (caring for all living beings and our planet), wisdom, discernment, intuition and clarity.

    I’m like all brand new. And though I need to get back to work now, these mandates seem to have become natural impulses that require delicate care and constant attention. For me, Summer Retreat 2015 is the beginning of a life that is held in Rest, Relaxation, Love of Life, Beauty & That which is Natural.Reaching In, Reaching Out


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  • July 25, 2015 /  LIFE, YOGA

    I was trying to clean my home top to bottom for my folk’s visit in late June. I also had planned a 3 week visit to be with my Guru in July/Aug. I could not get my house clean. Oh, I did the minimal so my folks would be comfortable for their stay. And a voice inside my head said to me you have no business spending 3 weeks with your Guru when you can’t even get your own home clean. I cancelled my flight, and here I am retreating house unclean.

    A clean home is a relative thing. I’d like to spend time cleaning as a spiritual practice, or a gesture to clean my mind. Other things have taken priority thus far, but I would like to get to it soon.

    I love the idea of a clean mind. Having a mind that thinks mostly positive, supportive thoughts. A mind that doesn’t complain or gossip (unless it serves a higher purpose). Being critical or giving constructive feedback gently with sensitivity is all good. I’m not talking about being a clean mind, spiritual or goody goody flake. I am talking about a mind that is very quiet, a mind within the body of a person who naturally beholds the glory of life, the beauty of nature and feel grateful; and be humble. This is the kind of mind I want to have. Don’t you?Clayface

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