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    Below are some hints and suggestions which will benefit your introduction to hatha yoga.


    1) Everybody, regardless of  age, weight, flexibility or fitness can practice hatha yoga. It is meant to be customized. If you have any hesitation starting with a class, learn hatha yoga in a private setting.

    2) When you practice in a class environment, it is best to keep most of your attention on yourself.

    3) Be mindful of your capacity and learn to work within it.

    4) In the postures, concentrate your mind on the muscles being stretched, and learn to distinguish between stretching and straining.

    5) Do your best to enjoy and have fun! Each pose in hatha yoga is an asana which means a position of the body that is comfortable and allows for the experience of joy.


    1) Hatha Yoga is best done on an empty stomach. Try to allow at least two hours to pass after a heavy meal; one hour after a light meal. If you need some juice or something light like yogurt just before class that is better than being hungry or without energy.

    2) If possible, wait one half hour after practicing Hatha Yoga before eating, giving your digestive fire a chance to kick in fully.


    Hatha Yoga is best practiced in clothes that allow for a full range of movement. It helps your instructor if we can see your muscles and bones so if possible, wear leggings or shorts and stay away from clothing that is too loose.


    In all asanas, breathing is done deeply and evenly through the nostrils (without holding the breath), unless otherwise specified.

    Physical Condition:

    If you have a physical challenge or condition, such as pregnancy, high blood pressure, back problems, heart disorder, injury, etc., it is important to inform your instructor BEFORE class so you can be taken care of safely and appropriately. Learning first with a few private sessions is recommended.


    Hatha Yoga is preferably done in a clean and quiet environment. It is best to have a flat, level and firm surface to practice on. If you are attending a class, arrive ten minutes early to give yourself a chance to settle in and prepare for the practice.


    A Hatha Yoga class will almost always end with a formal relaxation called corpse pose or Savasana. This will rejuvenate the body, clear the mind and help integrate what you’ve learned.