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    About Meditation:

    A sense of peace, calm, steadiness, and energy reside within the human being. Joy and contentment is our birthright.


    Why don’t I experience that?

    Probably the most important question to ask. The answer is complex. I will address it simply here. Our culture doesn’t model or teach how to source our lives from within. Instead we respond to our thoughts and emotions with actions that are unhelpful and oftentimes hazardous.

    How do I learn to feel, know and act with clarity?

    Meditation is a great tool to assist us in this process.

    Is it simple?

    No. More is required. If you seek sustainable results:

    1. Learn from an experienced teacher who you trust.

    2. Commit to a daily practice.

    3. Quality is more important than quantity. Your daily practice can be as short or long as is realistic in your daily life.

    4. Regular weekly sessions with your teacher is necessary, especially in the beginning.

    What system of meditation do you teach?

    Systems tend to be a particular way or set of exercises that may not be suited for everybody. I teach specifically to my students by discovering how meditation works best for them. A meditation practice properly and personally tailored for you will enrich your quality of life.

    Contact me with any questions, concerns, or to schedule either a private session, or with a group of your friends and colleagues.

    Locations: Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Cotati, Petaluma, Windsor, Healdsburg