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     A Heart-Opening, Bhakti Yoga Practice

    TwirledLight“Shyama’s Kirtan is a true heart-opening experience that leaves one transformed and utterly connected to the Divine!  I was absorbed in her pureness of tone and carried to a place of pure love!  I highly recommend her chanting to anyone who is interested in a magical, love-filled experience!”   ~K. Hundley

    BHAKTI Yoga: Spiritual, Religious or Personal practices that open the heart, such as singing, dancing and various devotional gestures.

    Kirtan is singing devotional music in a call response fashion. The genre is mostly inspired from India’s ashram culture. Kirtan opens the heart, as does all music of this sort. It raises one’s vibration, creating a sublime feeling of peace and joy. It also holds space for those in need.


    Devotional Chanting is very sweet. Various levels of ecstasy are often experienced, though it’s personal to each individual, the environment and other factors. For your comfort bring a pillow to sit on. Some people will dance at most kirtan gatherings. kasual kirtan is my ‘brand’ name when I offer devotional chanting in my home and elsewhere. I don’t charge for this offering, and financial contributions are welcome. It’s nice to pay my accompanying musicians if possible.

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