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    A modality whereby we interact in a useful way that is in service to your desire to be well. We figure out together what will serve you best.

    If you choose to work with me as your Integration Consultant, my offer includes the following:

    • Session Time: 75 minutes
    • Access to me 24/7 with a 6-week session commitment
    • Education: My goal is to teach you how to relax and quiet the mind so you can experience yourself and others with more openness and joy, and less discomfort and resistance. This is a lifetime journey that we can keep getting better at.
    • Promise: I promise to educate you to the best of my ability with the information you need to succeed.
    Contact me with any questions, concerns, or to schedule either a private session, or with a group of your friends and colleagues.

    Locations: Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Cotati, Petaluma, Windsor, Healdsburg