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    What does Being Healthy mean? 

    There are myriad people who address this inquiry. My intension is to capsulize what I believe is most important as regards mental and spiritual health. We are complex beings. We desire happiness, yet cannot sustain  feeling content. Many are secretly trying to maintain some level of sanity, afraid to tell anybody and risk being diagnosed with a mental illness. Our body reveals our distress with all sorts of ailments. People who realize they are not well might seek professional consult from a doctor or therapist. Others may have friends willing to listen to their woes and/or offer advise.

    Who is Best Equipped To Help Me HELP MYSELF? 

    We should be asking our gut Who is Best Equipped To Help Me Help Myself. When we find that person we know it. You will need to minimally have an initial conversation to check them out. When we feel clear about working with somebody trust arises naturally.

    What are signs of good mental health?

    Becoming or being healthy is something we must learn to cultivate day to day, moment to moment. It’s a process. There is always more to learn and activate.

    Some very telling signs of mental health include:

    • Deep sleep comes easily, and we wake-up rested and energized
    • We experience a tapestry of emotion such as joy, anger, sadness, love, passion/excitement with a watchful eye, absorption and detachment.
    • it becomes easy and natural to appreciate so much, whatever our circumstances.
    • we are humble, wise and intelligent
    • seeing or noticing Beauty occurs often
    • Gratitude and Love arise in our relations
    • Generosity becomes a natural gesture
    • We feel positive and hopeful much of the time
    • Compassion and Sensitivity for all living creatures (we’re a living creature) is restored.
    • Contentment is in place, Delight is within reach

    We will notice many things falling away, such as:

    • Complaining and Gossip
    • Negativity of all sorts
    • Addictions and bad habits
    • Being a slave to time, our mind (thoughts and ideas); aka feeling bound (not free and independent)
    • People who bring us down or waste our time

    Change becomes something we respect and honor. We learn to go with the flow when necessary. Our life begins to take on a sense of adventure. Interesting things occur daily. We dream, go for our dreams, and bend with the twists and turns along the way.

    Conclusion: Health, the Mind, Yoga

    Health is the balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit (Ayur~veda) https://www.ayurveda.com. The mind needs to be tamed and quieted so we can address our loneliness, and lack of luster. Mental health is achieved with a quiet mind.

    All of the Yoga & Meditation practices address the issue of busy mind/quiet mind. When mind is finally quiet there is natural access to spirit, or that which is eternal and present everywhere. What this means or feels like is experiential and difficult to know unless in it.

    Much occurs and changes in our daily experience once our mind is pretty much quiet. For one thing, complex and frustrating challenges mutate  into constant and simple challenges that are generally fun and interesting to fix. We finally have access to self knowledge and with that deeply understand ourself and human nature at large. This is a very big deal. And more than that, it’s a very good thing.