• July 18, 2015 /  YOGA

    I’ve been in a mind-blowing relationship since late April. We live about 14 minutes apart. I have not been to his home until last night. We’ve been primarily hanging out in my home, which he told me is the nicer place/space. I’ve been poking him to invite me to his home, and he has good reasons why that hasn’t happened thus far.

    A few days ago I became very angry because I rode my bike so very close to his house and he met me somewhere else. The anger incident was interesting for me inside, the way I watched it and didn’t respond to the mind’s various impulses. I simply said ‘I didn’t want to meet you here’ and rode away. However, it sucked for me when I learned how much it affected him. He told me he was disappointed because he had several deeply loving and lovely ideas for how we would spend our short a.m. time together. But it hurt him very much, also. And that hurt me very much, also.

    I dropped my desire to see his home. My love for this Man is all-pervading and I would do anything if I could never hurt him again. Last night we went to his home as it was naturally part of our evening meanderings. He wondered ‘what do you think?’ i think because he had a lot of things, more than fit comfortably in the space; and other reasons. I wasn’t thinking. I was just so happy to behold some of his beautiful things, included a painting that he painted.

    Perhaps the highlight was a cat he’s been caring for for some time. This cat’s coloring floored me: white, tan, beige, brown ~ soft marble. But the way he held her in his arms, and the way she relaxed and purred. The site was beauty, pure raw and rare. The way the cat relaxed and purred, that’s how I feel around him. And recently, that’s how I feel often whether we’re together or not.

    This man loves me. It’s been a pretty all-pervasive experience. It feels like Krsna loving me exactly how I need to be loved in order to be truly free or liberated. Since I’ve been hanging out with this Man, my mind has been blown over and over again. This is the goal of all Yoga practices and spiritual endeavors. To have our mind relaxed to such extent that thinking (pretty much) ceases. Alas, hallelujah.

    now I bow my head and beg Lord Vishnu for Sustaining Grace. Because this kind of experience could last, and/or it could wane.

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  • July 13, 2015 /  LIFE

    I just witnessed the putting down of a Peruvian Paso, and a Tennessee Walking Horse; Confetti and Sam, horse dwellers on the property I’ve been living on for several years now. Confetti resisted more strongly than the doctor had ever seen. After being heavily sedated she finally fell, stood up, fell again. From ground to out she inhaled and exhaled a lovely long snoring sound for many minutes. I shook when she took her last breath, her eyes remained open. Sam, on the other side of the spectrum, fell right away and left ~ eyes closed.

    I wanted to take their pictures laying dead on the dirt outside the barn, but decided not to.



    On Peanut

    The kids on Peanut

  • July 11, 2015 /  LIFE

    I am listening live to some of my teachers and friends chanting The Haripath at shantimandir.com, Walden, NY. I’m here in Sebastopol, CA! The Haripath, coast to coast. They are singing EST from 7:30pm – about 9:30pm so it’s 4:30pm PST.

    Once the Haripath began I noticed the wind pressure picked up and began to blow extremely strong. I am facing my back field where my land-mate ‘K’ (8 yrs. old) is flying a bumble bee kite with his father. It’s so lovely to watch him so intently focused on the kite and playing with it, as if he were a kite himself ~ though land-bound.

    Behind ‘K’ are two horses that live on the land I inhabit as my home. They are facing ‘K’ and his dad watching all the fun, it seems. Sam, and probably Confetti are being ‘put down’ on Monday at 9am. It’s a complicated situation and both owners feel it’s the right choice. Sam is very sick and I believe it’s the right choice for him. But Confetti is a 24 year old Peruvian Paso and has so much spunk, life, health and beauty. She also has some attachment fixations, meaning she can freak out if she can’t find her ‘brother horse’, but most of the time she’s gorgeous and content in her own grass eating, field dwelling life.

    I have done what I can to reach out in case somebody out there might want Confetti. Time is ticking. Unfortunately it’s not an option for me to take her. It’s not my land here, for one thing.

    It’s interesting to me how life pulsates through us, through all living beings and things, both animate and inanimate. A rock exists. The sea exists. The bumble bee kite fluttering in the wind outside my back deck, high in the sky one moment, hovering low to the ground another moment. Let’s pretend that the kite is a real bumble bee. It’s not free because it’s attached to a string being controlled by a person. Makes me wonder about my own freedom. Who controls me? Moment to moment, who controls me?

    Back to The Haripath. I believe the Haripath tells us what to do so we can have these mysterious questions answered for us. It’s pretty simple. Sing the name of Hari. Sing Vitthale. Sing Krishna. Sing Christo. Sing Allah or Ja. Sing Adonai. Sing Love, Beauty, Life. Sing God’s name, though the Haripath specifically refers to God’s name as several of the various names of Krishna, Hari being one of them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hari

    I’m attaching here a lovely article about The Haripath. I have a Haripath CD on my i-tunes, as well as the full script in the Maharashtrian language, translated into English so I can chant along when I play it. I feel really blessed.

    May you feel blessed, may all beings experience Life’s beauty and grace. When Sam and possibly Confetti are put down Monday July 13 at 9am, may they experience themselves merging back into where they came from. May they experience Union, Yoga, Liberation; re-joining their individual selves with Divinity Itself.

    It’s literally ending now in NY. And my favorite Arati is being sung, Jaya Jaya Arati Nityananda, and my phone connection just ended.




  • July 11, 2015 /  LIFE

    I’ll be on KOWS radio Occidental today at 11am. Will be my second time on the radio live, but the first time I was reading a script! You can tune in live to the program via the internet at KOWS107.3.org.

    I’m really looking forward to it.

  • June 30, 2015 /  YOGA

    I had such a good day yesterday. My friend Hillary came over and video-taped me being interviewed by my life coach Gopita. The interview is for my work as a hatha yoga & meditation instructor, and for my offering of kirtan. It seemed like my whole life since I decided to do the interview has been all about it, and although it unfolded so differently than expected and planned it still seemed to go well and I think I’m going to have some really good footage and previews so people can see who I am and what I offer as an instructor of Yoga. Yea!

    I think the day went so well because of several factors. First, I had 5 hours from waking ’til my video person arrived which gave me ample time to prepare for the day. I woke up alone and spent those 5 hours by myself entirely, so it was like a waking, walking, flowing meditation filled with picking and arranging flowers, making altars, preparing food, cleaning and dressing myself appropriately, and such. Second, I was in such good company with my sister-friend Hillary and my personal coach, Gopita, both whom know so much about me and love me anyways.

    I want to show you how sweet the day was, so here’s a few pics that hopefully convey the general mood.

    After the Interview

    After the Interview

    Appreciating Hillary

  • June 27, 2015 /  YOGA

    The song Falling Into Grace by Prem Shakti has me floored. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m falling in love.  Please don’t assume that I mean that I’m falling in love with a person or man or woman, because I’m not even sure what I mean. Except that it seems like I am falling in love.

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  • June 25, 2015 /  YOGA

    I have a big Interview coming up on Monday. It seems like my entire life these past few weeks has been in preparation for it. I’m calmly excited!Stick


  • It Just Is

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    June 16, 2015 /  YOGA

    Today perhaps for the first time in my life I believe I relaxed. I was hanging out in meditation with my Life Coach on the phone and she asked ‘Who is listening? Who is feeling the movement of breath?’ At first my answer was nobody. Then it was God. But it wasn’t like this spiritual or profound experience. It was so simple, natural and basic. She then asked ‘what is possible in that place?’ My response was it doesn’t matter. Everything just Is. She wondered to me ‘is it like the I AM experience?’ No. Because there is no I. And there is no AM or Being. It Just Is.

    Honestly, I love how not profound that is. Yet how true it seems and feels. It Just Is. Try it on and let me know if anything interesting happens.

    Still, where It Just Is.

    Still, where It Just Is.

  • Hatha Yoga at the SCGA Sunday June 14th 6:10-7pm

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    June 10, 2015 /  YOGA

    Excited about teaching hatha yoga this Sunday at he SCGA Community Day at the Grange at 6:10pm. Gonna be a great line up of speakers, and music at night.  https://www.facebook.com/events/337514689793156/

  • Summertime

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    June 1, 2015 /  YOGA

    I’m going to take a break and try to rest and prepare for my larger aspirations in June.

    That said, if you want to do hatha yoga with me please call. We can arrange your rate according to what works for you. The personal attention is extremely valuable, especially as we age and have a body that is more vulnerable to injury. Personal attention in hatha yoga is a process where we discover how your body wants and needs to practice for the time being. It’s a lot of fun and very restful and centering. I hope you’ll contact me for this.