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    I spent most of the Fall in bed. I pretty much checked out and sent everybody who loves me away. Lost 20 lbs, which I’m excited about though my daughter said I was way too skinny, especially at my lowest (108 lbs.). I’ve been a food-acholic my whole life so being super thin is a dream come true. I’ve been eating healthfully for 5 weeks now (& exercising) and love my newfound body which is hovering between 111 – 114 lbs. (I’m 5’4″ tall). I haven’t been this light since high school. Yipee!


    I wasn’t intentionally losing weight. I simply lost my appetite which translated into eating very little on a daily basis for quite some time.

    My body; specifically my appetite is very different now than it’s ever been. I seem to have cured the food addiction situation, which feels like Freedom, Glory and the possibility of eternal delicious food forevermore!

    Consider this your Invitation to celebrate with me.


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