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    I lost my gray down jacket a few months ago. I loved that jacket. My sister told me geese are tortured  in order to get the down feathers. I hoped to never buy a new down item again. But at Costco a few weeks ago they had the perfect down vest for me and I purchased it. One week ago they had a perfect down jacket (to replace my lost one) and a large sheepskin floor rug for a great price. I bought both.

    When I returned home I realized that at least one sheep, if not several, had to be killed in order to make the sheepskin. And I was struggling with my desire and attraction to the two new down jackets vs. my intent to not purchase down ever again. I almost decided to keep the down vest and jacket. Until I got clear that being kind and loving to all living creatures and letting them live and be as they are naturally is significantly more important to me than the look, fashion or comfort a nice light down jacket provides. (yup, those are Ugg boots in the pic that I purchased towards the end of my vegetarian years in the late 1990’s. I was ignorant. I aim now to be educated).

    The sheepskin is in my trunk along with the down vest for next time I visit Costco. The down jacket is in Yellowstone w/my daughter. Thank you Costco for having a very generous and accommodating return policy. I am grateful.

    What it takes to make a feathered down item: tortured geese.

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