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    I was trying to clean my home top to bottom for my folk’s visit in late June. I also had planned a 3 week visit to be with my Guru in July/Aug. I could not get my house clean. Oh, I did the minimal so my folks would be comfortable for their stay. And a voice inside my head said to me you have no business spending 3 weeks with your Guru when you can’t even get your own home clean. I cancelled my flight, and here I am retreating house unclean.

    A clean home is a relative thing. I’d like to spend time cleaning as a spiritual practice, or a gesture to clean my mind. Other things have taken priority thus far, but I would like to get to it soon.

    I love the idea of a clean mind. Having a mind that thinks mostly positive, supportive thoughts. A mind that doesn’t complain or gossip (unless it serves a higher purpose). Being critical or giving constructive feedback gently with sensitivity is all good. I’m not talking about being a clean mind, spiritual or goody goody flake. I am talking about a mind that is very quiet, a mind within the body of a person who naturally beholds the glory of life, the beauty of nature and feel grateful; and be humble. This is the kind of mind I want to have. Don’t you?Clayface

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