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    I had such a good day yesterday. My friend Hillary came over and video-taped me being interviewed by my life coach Gopita. The interview is for my work as a hatha yoga & meditation instructor, and for my offering of kirtan. It seemed like my whole life since I decided to do the interview has been all about it, and although it unfolded so differently than expected and planned it still seemed to go well and I think I’m going to have some really good footage and previews so people can see who I am and what I offer as an instructor of Yoga. Yea!

    I think the day went so well because of several factors. First, I had 5 hours from waking ’til my video person arrived which gave me ample time to prepare for the day. I woke up alone and spent those 5 hours by myself entirely, so it was like a waking, walking, flowing meditation filled with picking and arranging flowers, making altars, preparing food, cleaning and dressing myself appropriately, and such. Second, I was in such good company with my sister-friend Hillary and my personal coach, Gopita, both whom know so much about me and love me anyways.

    I want to show you how sweet the day was, so here’s a few pics that hopefully convey the general mood.

    After the Interview

    After the Interview

    Appreciating Hillary

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